Its not about ideas, it's about making ideas happen!

About Molossi

Here at Molossi there is no limit! We are a big believer in "you are your only limit". We are a family run business - Husband and Wife (both workaholics) with 6 kids that keep us entertained and on our toes. Combined with a team of creative designers and an awesome VA, there is no limit here at Molossi. Whilst the Molossi team are your go-to manufacturer, retailer and wholesaler of custom made and personalised MDF, wooden and Acrylic designs, Personalised MDF wooden signs and Acrylic Cake Toppers, is just the beginning of Molossi’s product range. We are always ready to assist when a client brings a design to us; Molossi will help you recreate the desired product in mind to the best of our ability, whether it be for that unique wedding /event piece, business logo or Home Décor, we will work with you to create what your heart desires.

“The key to design is to capture the spirit of the client and the essence in life”